Managing partners

адв. Трайко Нестори

Traiko Nestori
Lawyer and managing partner

He graduated from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohdridski” and is currently an attorney with the Sofia Bar Assosiation. He has solid experience in civil procedure law, insurance law and immigrant law. Leading principles – justice, honesty and faith in the goodness in people.

адв. Христо Милчев Георгиев

Hristo Milchev
Lawyer and managing partner

Hristo is а graduate of the English Language Medium School “Geo Milev” – Bourgas the Faculty of Law at Sofia University, member of the Sofia Bar Assosiation. He specialized in European Business Law at the Lund University, Sweden and is currently studying the details of the intellectual property law. He accumulated his professional experience in the field of civil and commercial law while working for companies from the financial sector and also by stepping through all the stages of an employee of a law office. He is an author of numerous specialized publications and in 2012 – 2017 he was a editor-in-chief of a platform for legal content provided in an accessible language, where he was responsible for the quality of more than 600 materials on legal topics.