Legal subscriptions

Complete legal services for companies

In relation to commercial companies’ overall activity, the law firm provides subscription legal services for its local and foreign clients. We provide highly qualified legal services for a monthly subscription fee.

  • Registration of commercial companies.

  • General meetings of shareholders.

  • Transformation through mergers, consolidations and splitting of commercial companies.

  • Changes in the capital, management and ownership of commercial companies, registration of changes in the Commercial Register.

  • Liquidation and commercial insolvency.

  • Representation of employers – conclusion of employment contracts, legal analysis of labor relations, assistance in labor disputes.

  • Negotiations with contractors in relation to commercial deals. Legal assistance for participation in public procurements and public tenders.

  • Accomplishment of investment intentions. Intermediation for debt transfer agreements.

  • Corporate debt collection.

  • Qualified legal assistance in litigation proceedings.


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