Family & inheritance law

7. Семейни отношения
  • Legal consultations about the essence, content, conclusion, amendment and termination of marriage contracts. Participation in negotiations and preparation of pre-marriage and marriage contracts.

  • Consultations and legal representation in marriage dissolution /divorce/ proceedings.

  • Court representation in alimony determining proceedings, increase or reduction of alimony payments. Legal assistance in case of unpaid alimony.

  • Recognition of the child by the father. Contesting fatherhood.

  • Assistance in contracting with minors. Protection of the inheritor’s rights – by law and by will. Unfair wills could be challenged by the assistance of our law office.

  • Acceptance and refusal of an inheritance. Claims for restoration of a damaged part of the heritage. Preparation of personal hand-written wills and notary certified wills.


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