Bankruptcy proceedings

  • Consultations in connection with the essence and development of the bankruptcy proceedings;

  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings – in the course of reviewing the application and after the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings;

  • participation in negotiations with creditors and debtors;

  • prеparation of applications for initiation of bankruptcy proceedings;

  • preparation of applications for presentment of receivables;

  • assistance in preparation and submission of objections to the admitted or unadmitted by the trustee receivables and procedural representation in proceedings under art. 694 of the Commerce Act;

  • assistance in connection with continuance of enforcement proceedings under the Code of Civil Procedure in case of initiated bankruptcy proceedings;

  • assistance in connection with continuance of proceedings under the Registered Pledges Act;

  • review of the possibilities for filing and preparation of revocation claims;

  • preparation of claims for revocation of decisions of the creditors’ meetings;

  • assistance in preparation of an administration plan;

  • assistance in overall research of documents concerning property rights part of the bankruptcy estate, offered at a public tender/sale in the bankruptcy proceedings and assistance on preparation of the documents for participation in the public tender.


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